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Wall of trees and leafs.

A big bird flew by, dont know what kind but it made a lot of noise.

A lone birdwatcher, probably looking for that big bird i saw 30 minutes earlier.

Someone got kicked out!

Kicked out the colour version.


Yellow leafs on a roof! (I am not kidding, it is a roof under all those leafs)

This is bird lingo. it says "woodpecker was here"

That watch tower again, boring sky I know (coulda,woulda,shoulda)

My contribution to "Fotosöndag", this weeks theme is "kraft" (power in english)


In the northern part of Karlstad. Norra delen av Karlstad

Gamla vattentornet, kyrkan och Löfbergs lila. Karlstad

Almar, shot from Bryngfjorden. Bilden tagen från toppen på Bryngfjorden.

Gammalt hus i Skåre.

Svart vit.

Övergiven lekplats.

Svart vit.

Lada i strax söder om Bryngfjorden.

Jakttorn i I2-skogen.

Björkar på rad, I2-skogen.


Air france?