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Bilder från inspelningen av filmen Gränsen.

Kallt var det men uniformerna från den tiden höll en rätt varm, runt -15C om jag minns rätt.

Mauser m96/swedish mauser the one on the left is manufactured at Stockholms vapenfabrik (replica)

Bilen är en Plymouth/The old car is a Plymouth


Snö faller från träden/Snow is falling from the trees, it was a windy day.


Action! 🙂

Panorama skjutbanan i Likenäs.

Påväg mot inspelning av Närkampsträning.

Här ska det slåss med bajonett/Guys preparing for a fight scene with bayonet.

Gamla skidor och stavar/Old swedish military skis and poles.

Polare i uniform M/1939 brevid stabsbilen som är en Plymouth/Friend wearing Swedish uniform M/1939 standing next to a Plymouth.

Vinter camouflage, beväpnad med Mauser M/96 / Winter camo armed with Swedish mauser M/96.

Kafferast/ Coffee break.



Tank pop up book.

S-tank, Swedish cold war tank.

”We sleep safely at night…

because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

From the archives.

September 2007, Swedish national guard in Karlstad harbour. (tiltshift) shot with my first digital camera, Minolta dimage Z3

Shot with Ericsson P990i, in September 2007 during a roe deer hunt early in the morning. That phone is on the bottom of lake Vänern, dropped while I was looking at a boat I intented to buy.

September 2008 Sörmonmasten, shot with Nikon d40x

Military nostalgia…

After Bosnia I took a break from the military. Then I missed the fun part of it all and joined the Swedish national Home guard.


1993 I went to Somalia, led flying everywhere so we hade to fill some sandbags. We filled about 140 tons of sand in those bags. It was a lot of fun. Nowadays I prefer rocky beaches...

1996 I visited Bosnia, beautiful place in the summer, especially up in the hills. It looked like Nangijala.

1991 I gave Lebanon a visit for about 6 months. This picture is shot near the village Chebaa in eastern Lebanon close to the Syrian border. Looks nice doesn’t it? I can tell you it was bloody warm. I liked Lebanon a lot, have to go back there again.