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Ica Välsviken, Karlstad and happy dog.

Same picture but I have added an vignette.

Why would I shoot a grocery store? Well… because it’s there (the answer you hear often when they ask people why they climb mountains)

Tilt shift effect in photoshop, not totally satisfied with this one.


Ice fisher. This one is moving by foot.

Some people use skates and the wind.

And another one using wind.


Some people simply take their car.

Bilder från inspelningen av filmen Gränsen.

Kallt var det men uniformerna från den tiden höll en rätt varm, runt -15C om jag minns rätt.

Mauser m96/swedish mauser the one on the left is manufactured at Stockholms vapenfabrik (replica)

Bilen är en Plymouth/The old car is a Plymouth


Snö faller från träden/Snow is falling from the trees, it was a windy day.


Action! 🙂

Panorama skjutbanan i Likenäs.

Påväg mot inspelning av Närkampsträning.

Här ska det slåss med bajonett/Guys preparing for a fight scene with bayonet.

Gamla skidor och stavar/Old swedish military skis and poles.

Polare i uniform M/1939 brevid stabsbilen som är en Plymouth/Friend wearing Swedish uniform M/1939 standing next to a Plymouth.

Vinter camouflage, beväpnad med Mauser M/96 / Winter camo armed with Swedish mauser M/96.

Kafferast/ Coffee break.


Face-down in Lorensberg.

Face-down was the theme ( after looking at the end result I came to the conclusion that I look like a huge dog shit)

Lunar eclipse / Månförmörkelse

10 minutes before the full eclipse the moon got covered behind clouds 😦 / 10 minuter innan månförmörkelsen skulle bli fullbordad försvann månen helt bakom molnen.


Black and white...

Testing different ways to shoot.

Fallande Orkidè

Shot from the side,shallow angle.

-Common baby light my fire...

Backyard visitor? 30 sec exposure, run, headlamp from Claes Ohlson.

In my car through Karlstad, late evening.


Red/rött stick

Nedanför Lidl nästan vid Svinbäcksberget.

Korsningen Järnvägsgatan/Drottninggatan.


Falling cats/fallande katter!

Ozzy going in hard!

Chilli's second fall!

And of course we had to have a little catfight!


 ”Så är ser det ut där jag är idag”  är temat på veckans Fototriss. Alla bilderna är tagna idag 20101031

Under the bridge. Nilsby vid Fryken i värmland.


It's getting darker/Det börjar mörkna.

The sky is on fire/Himlen brinner


Wall of trees and leafs.

A big bird flew by, dont know what kind but it made a lot of noise.

A lone birdwatcher, probably looking for that big bird i saw 30 minutes earlier.

Someone got kicked out!

Kicked out the colour version.


Yellow leafs on a roof! (I am not kidding, it is a roof under all those leafs)

This is bird lingo. it says "woodpecker was here"

That watch tower again, boring sky I know (coulda,woulda,shoulda)

My contribution to "Fotosöndag", this weeks theme is "kraft" (power in english)

In the northern part of Karlstad. Norra delen av Karlstad

Gamla vattentornet, kyrkan och Löfbergs lila. Karlstad

Almar, shot from Bryngfjorden. Bilden tagen från toppen på Bryngfjorden.

Gammalt hus i Skåre.

Svart vit.

Övergiven lekplats.

Svart vit.

Lada i strax söder om Bryngfjorden.

Jakttorn i I2-skogen.

Björkar på rad, I2-skogen.


Air france?

Fototriss: I luften.

Här kommer mitt bidrag till veckans fototriss , temat är ”I luften”

Ett fiskedrag hängandes i luften.

Ett Jas far runt i luften.

En ängel bör ju höra hemma i luften.

Ruds kyrkogård.

From the archives.

September 2007, Swedish national guard in Karlstad harbour. (tiltshift) shot with my first digital camera, Minolta dimage Z3

Shot with Ericsson P990i, in September 2007 during a roe deer hunt early in the morning. That phone is on the bottom of lake Vänern, dropped while I was looking at a boat I intented to buy.

September 2008 Sörmonmasten, shot with Nikon d40x

Rudsmotet Karlstad.

On my way up to the hill top at Rudsmotet i found this rotten tree and small pond.

I found this big spruce and below it was some really green leafs.

At the top I hade a nice view over Rudsmotet and the highway. Tried the tilt shift effect to make it more interresting.

Välsviken och järnväg or I am loaded, railroaded…

Maybe I'll use this railroad for some future photoshop project.

Railroad between Oslo and Stockholm. This is shot in between (Karlstad)

This railroad station is called Välsviken, pretty dull place I must say.

Tuesday afternoon.

A view from Cafe Royals entrance towards Järnvägsgatan.

Drottninggatan and two right feet.

Not far from systembolaget.

Drottninggatan old style.

Colour splash, it doesn't need to be New York cabs.



Kid talking to his father through a steel pipe. Kompis son i Mariebergsskogen pratar genom ett rör med sin far.

2 years ago.

Chilli (the red cat) gives me the evil eye, it seems that he wants me to piss off!

Ozzy and Chilli relaxing on the balcony in our old apartment before they got the taste for the real outdoors.

Sunset over Stockfallet.

The sky is burning.

Boat trip on Vänern.

View over Vänern looking south

Swedish flag





Söökojan from another view.

More from Eskilstuna zoo

Maned wolf - Man varg

Jättemyrslok - giant anteater

Liten Panda - Red panda

Komodovaran - Komodo dragon

Lejon - Lion

White handed gibbon


Surikat - Slender tailed meerkat

Eskilstuna zoo

Hungry Cheeta



Tiger on grass

Murky waters

Green green grass…

Green grass blowing in the wind.CloserTwo in one...Black and white...Gradient tool used...Gradient tool from center.