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Inlägg taggade “järnväg


Wall of trees and leafs.

A big bird flew by, dont know what kind but it made a lot of noise.

A lone birdwatcher, probably looking for that big bird i saw 30 minutes earlier.

Someone got kicked out!

Kicked out the colour version.


Yellow leafs on a roof! (I am not kidding, it is a roof under all those leafs)

This is bird lingo. it says "woodpecker was here"

That watch tower again, boring sky I know (coulda,woulda,shoulda)

My contribution to "Fotosöndag", this weeks theme is "kraft" (power in english)


Välsviken och järnväg or I am loaded, railroaded…

Maybe I'll use this railroad for some future photoshop project.

Railroad between Oslo and Stockholm. This is shot in between (Karlstad)

This railroad station is called Välsviken, pretty dull place I must say.