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Ice fisher. This one is moving by foot.

Some people use skates and the wind.

And another one using wind.


Some people simply take their car.


Winter in Karlstad

Snow mobile on lake Vänern,Skutberget just outside Karlstad, Sweden on a snowy day.

Borgmästarbron 20110106 in the middle of a snowy day.

3 times a day is the amount of times we have to showel snow, good exercise. The only problem now is to find a place where we can put the snow.

A hike to Skagens lighthouse/En tur till Skagens fyr,Hammarö.

On the way...

Liten röd stuga.

Nät för att fånga fåglar vid ringmärkning.

Oskärpa, denna bild blir mitt bidrag till veckans "Fotosöndag". Bulb,liten bländare samt inzoomning ca 1 sek med öppen slutare.

Samma "teknik" som bilden över.

Skagens fyr i eftermiddagssolen.


Just det...



Wall of trees and leafs.

A big bird flew by, dont know what kind but it made a lot of noise.

A lone birdwatcher, probably looking for that big bird i saw 30 minutes earlier.

Someone got kicked out!

Kicked out the colour version.


Yellow leafs on a roof! (I am not kidding, it is a roof under all those leafs)

This is bird lingo. it says "woodpecker was here"

That watch tower again, boring sky I know (coulda,woulda,shoulda)

My contribution to "Fotosöndag", this weeks theme is "kraft" (power in english)

Onsön by day and night.

View north from Onsön, Vy mot norr från Onsön.

Karlavagnen, the big dipper, Stora björn.

Boat trip on Vänern.

View over Vänern looking south

Swedish flag





Söökojan from another view.