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Skjubanan Likenäs/Filmen Gränsen.

MOV00711, originally uploaded by Micael Carlsson.

One of the actors is shooting (blanks) with a Swedish mauser (m/96)


The new pet!

Face-down in Lorensberg.

Face-down was the theme ( after looking at the end result I came to the conclusion that I look like a huge dog shit)

Why take boring shots of water drops hitting water…

when you can shoot them in your own eye!

It took about 100 shots...

to time everything right.

I like this one best. It was hard as hell to shoot water, force your eye to be open, stay in focus and push the trigger 🙂

Liquid eye!


Nötväcka/Sitta europaea taking off!

Nötväcka/Sitta europaea

Snapshots from today.


E18 Älvmotet

Someone is taking his/her dog on a walk.

Wåxnäs, snow storm.

Bad weather is no excuse to stay inside.

Today I saw a large pecker, a Woodpecker that is.

Eller stor hackspett som vi säger i Sverige.

Large Woodpecker, Dendrocopos major , female.


14:37 CET Karlstadbuss (3) på Stockfallet/Lorensberg.

Same picture without radial blur filter.

In my car through Karlstad, late evening.


Red/rött stick

Nedanför Lidl nästan vid Svinbäcksberget.

Korsningen Järnvägsgatan/Drottninggatan.


New York

Blev lite inspirerad av dettamoderskeppet.

Så jag letade fram några bilder från resan till New York jag gjorde för några år sedan.

Empire state building (and you think "No shit sherlock")


Från Empire state building.