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Cat toys

Hands running about

Colour version

Chillis toys

Colour version


Tank pop up book.

S-tank, Swedish cold war tank.

Fear of the dark, fear of the dark…

Träd i Nilsby fick mig att tänka på Iron maiden och den excellenta låten "Fear of the dark"

Välsviken och järnväg or I am loaded, railroaded…

Maybe I'll use this railroad for some future photoshop project.

Railroad between Oslo and Stockholm. This is shot in between (Karlstad)

This railroad station is called Välsviken, pretty dull place I must say.

Tuesday afternoon.

A view from Cafe Royals entrance towards Järnvägsgatan.

Drottninggatan and two right feet.

Not far from systembolaget.

Drottninggatan old style.

Colour splash, it doesn't need to be New York cabs.


Playing around with Color efex.

First victim for the filter is Chilli

In this pic the filter is only applied to the hand, which by the way is way to jaggy (missed that in process).

"The Expendables" here I played around with the controls. Cropped the picture and then I was satisfied.

Where is CSI when you need them…

Green green grass…

Green grass blowing in the wind.CloserTwo in one...Black and white...Gradient tool used...Gradient tool from center.

A view to the east.

After a visit to Furuviksparken they ended the day watching Finland going up in smoke.

Thunder and lightning, Hornslandet, Sweden.