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Ica Välsviken, Karlstad and happy dog.

Same picture but I have added an vignette.

Why would I shoot a grocery store? Well… because it’s there (the answer you hear often when they ask people why they climb mountains)

Tilt shift effect in photoshop, not totally satisfied with this one.


Nothing special…

Klarälvsbanan belagd med is


Highway to hell (read work) Cykelbana Lorensberg, snart kan man cykla i full fräs till jobbet utan att vara rädd för att halka omkull.


Ice fisher. This one is moving by foot.

Some people use skates and the wind.

And another one using wind.


Some people simply take their car.

Winter in Karlstad

Snow mobile on lake Vänern,Skutberget just outside Karlstad, Sweden on a snowy day.

Borgmästarbron 20110106 in the middle of a snowy day.

3 times a day is the amount of times we have to showel snow, good exercise. The only problem now is to find a place where we can put the snow.

Why take boring shots of water drops hitting water…

when you can shoot them in your own eye!

It took about 100 shots...

to time everything right.

I like this one best. It was hard as hell to shoot water, force your eye to be open, stay in focus and push the trigger 🙂

Liquid eye!

Lunar eclipse / Månförmörkelse

10 minutes before the full eclipse the moon got covered behind clouds 😦 / 10 minuter innan månförmörkelsen skulle bli fullbordad försvann månen helt bakom molnen.


Black and white...

Hunting for the christmas rabbit and decorating the christmas tree

Two roedeer staring at my direction, they were pretty busy eating so it took a while before they saw me coming closer.


After observing me for about 5 seconds they decided to take off. I realised after a quick look in my cameras lcd-display that I had should have used a larger aparture. However I like the this picture and the movement the roedeer display.

This in Manfred, he is the fellow who run through the woods chasing rabbits and roedeer. We were after rabbits today, the only animals we saw was roedeer. Manfred ran for two hours straight in the deep snow.

Christmas tree, this picture was an "accident" but I like the result anyway 🙂

In the afternoon my girlfriend and I "fixed" the christmas tree.

My girlfriend like christmas decorations as you can see.

20101217 Skattkärr

Shot at Skattkärr by the lake Vänern. In the summer you can take your car by ferry from this place to an island called

Jäverön. In the winter you simple drive on the ice to get to the island. This pictures are shot in almost complete darkness.

View towards Karlstad,iceroad. City light reflected in the clouds.

Slightly different angle.

Parkinglot, same location.reeds blowing in the wind. Painted with light (flashlight)

"Fire walk with me" 🙂

Winter road

Testing different ways to shoot.

Fallande Orkidè

Shot from the side,shallow angle.

-Common baby light my fire...

Backyard visitor? 30 sec exposure, run, headlamp from Claes Ohlson.


Took some random shots on the way to Max. No tripod,just handheld.

within speedlimit...

Goin faster...

Roundabout, still pedal to the metall...