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Cat toys

Hands running about

Colour version

Chillis toys

Colour version


Chilli enjoys the heat from the fireplace.

Falling cats/fallande katter!

Ozzy going in hard!

Chilli's second fall!

And of course we had to have a little catfight!

I am Chilli!

Innocent look? well, we know the truth!

Where is the exorcist when you need him?

Chilli laughs!

Black and white.

I am Ozzy!

This is Ozzy, one of our two cats. Ozzy usually disappears when he sees a camera, but this time he didn't get away.

Cleaning his dirty paws!

Look of a movie star.

Showing his true colours.

Ozzy sees the light!

Two years ago. För två år sedan.

Chilli fought with Ozzy, thats why he has cat fur in his mouth. Again I had to pick a picture from the past, this week has been full of must do things and no time to use the camera.

Our cat Ozzy and his favourite spot in the backyard.

Black and white. Vid detta ställe har Ozzy bedrivit smygjakt vid ett stort antal tillfällen.

2 years ago.

Chilli (the red cat) gives me the evil eye, it seems that he wants me to piss off!

Ozzy and Chilli relaxing on the balcony in our old apartment before they got the taste for the real outdoors.

Playing around with Color efex.

First victim for the filter is Chilli

In this pic the filter is only applied to the hand, which by the way is way to jaggy (missed that in process).

"The Expendables" here I played around with the controls. Cropped the picture and then I was satisfied.

Chilli the cat.

My intention was to shoot a spider I found in my backyard but the little bugger refused to show himself.

So instead I turned to a model that never says no, his name is Chilli, our selfproclaimed backyard terrorist!

Showing his hairy chest.

Chilli is birdwatching.

Making a funny face…