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Hunting for the christmas rabbit and decorating the christmas tree

Two roedeer staring at my direction, they were pretty busy eating so it took a while before they saw me coming closer.


After observing me for about 5 seconds they decided to take off. I realised after a quick look in my cameras lcd-display that I had should have used a larger aparture. However I like the this picture and the movement the roedeer display.

This in Manfred, he is the fellow who run through the woods chasing rabbits and roedeer. We were after rabbits today, the only animals we saw was roedeer. Manfred ran for two hours straight in the deep snow.

Christmas tree, this picture was an "accident" but I like the result anyway 🙂

In the afternoon my girlfriend and I "fixed" the christmas tree.

My girlfriend like christmas decorations as you can see.


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