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Military nostalgia…

After Bosnia I took a break from the military. Then I missed the fun part of it all and joined the Swedish national Home guard.


1993 I went to Somalia, led flying everywhere so we hade to fill some sandbags. We filled about 140 tons of sand in those bags. It was a lot of fun. Nowadays I prefer rocky beaches...

1996 I visited Bosnia, beautiful place in the summer, especially up in the hills. It looked like Nangijala.

1991 I gave Lebanon a visit for about 6 months. This picture is shot near the village Chebaa in eastern Lebanon close to the Syrian border. Looks nice doesn’t it? I can tell you it was bloody warm. I liked Lebanon a lot, have to go back there again.

This picture is shot in the late eighties during my military service in the Swedish army. Here we have hidden our terrain vehicle under a camo net deep in the Swedish forrest (You can see one peep in wintercamo under the net)



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