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Arkiv för juli, 2010

Where is CSI when you need them…


Green green grass…

Green grass blowing in the wind.CloserTwo in one...Black and white...Gradient tool used...Gradient tool from center.

Sunset over Karlstad.

Sunset over Karlstad.

Båttur till Korsön, Vänern.

Fallen tree on the island Korsön,Vänern (hdr)

I threw my shoe from the boat and it landed smack dab in the middle of that rock.

Ducks swam by...

Two fighters flew over our heads chasing each other, quite spectacular I must say.


Karlstad shot from the harbour.

A view to the east.

After a visit to Furuviksparken they ended the day watching Finland going up in smoke.

A boat trip on Vänern south of Karlstad.

A tugboat named "Karl" in Karlstad harbour

Karlstad harbour

Swedish flag on my boat

Boat in Karlstad harbour.


Sail boat in Karlstad harbour

Island Rävön, Vänern, south of Karlstad

Rävön and lots of boats with people (and a dog) enjoying the Swedish summer

Apparently a happy guy in his (I believe) boat.

A nice day on tha lake Vänern

The Swedish flag.

Thunder and lightning, Hornslandet, Sweden.

Freja the Labrador puppy.

My sisters Labrador puppy

Stagnellsgatan Karlstad